PW Custom

PW Custom specializes in producing custom heat transfers from customer's artwork that can be applied to t-shirts, bags, phone cases, and other products. Although providing an innovative service for resellers, their competition is fierce, and they needed a solution from us to help them stand above the rest.


Connecting the Brand

PWCustom needs their brand to connect directly to their parent company, Pro World. We designed the brand assets to look strikingly similar so customers could build the connection at a glance. We took the color and iconic t-shirt from the parent company and carried it over to PWCustom to help strengthen this connection.

Web Development

Keeping the Site Simple

Before, the customer journey to submit their graphics and order heat transfers was complicated. We believed that this was hurting their sales and that their website could use a new, clean and simple overhaul. We started by ensuring the front-facing webpage exuded the quality of their work through a clean layout. Customer service is one of the primary strengths of PWCustom, so we made sure to build upon this by showing customers how easy it is to work with them.

Easy Quotes

While providing online quotes seems simple, we knew that it was a potential pain point for their customers. Customers wanted a quote fast and didn't want to go through many steps to get it. For this reason, we took special care in building a system that was fast, accurate, and seamless.

Creating a Path for Customers

With every website, we ensure that the customer has a clear path to follow, so they convert quickly. After we submitted PWCustom's design and artwork, we reviewed every step of the buying journey. We optimized this and created a seamless path that helped customers get a quote, make a purchase, and reorder easily.

Product Images

Answering Questions Through Visuals

We’ve found that with the right product images, you can answer potential questions with minimal effort. Our product images showed the high quality of the prints and products, which eased any skepticism in the customer’s mind.

Motion Graphics

Video Speaks Volumes

Sometimes motion is the best way to explain something. Rather than writing a long list of instructions to show customers how to order, we created a simple video that walked the customer through the entire process.


Media Matters

Even though PWCustom is an online business, we still insisted on producing print materials to advertise to these services because they still work! We created these to send to brick-and-mortar businesses, trade shows, and other places where their message would resonate.

From The Client

"Silas Creative as originally responsible for the front end development for this project and they did a great job with wire framing, UI/UX and design. But when the project started dragging, we asked them to take over managing the local developer and the developers in India. They did a great job getting things back on track and getting the project successfully completed."

Matt Cohen
Owner, PW Custom
Western Sporting